Image of Winged Sun Enamel Pin

Winged Sun Enamel Pin


The Winged Sun disc is an ancient symbol, adopted by many of the cultures that originated in and near Southwest Asia, most notably Egypt and Persia, but also found in Assyria, early Jewish kingdoms, and Syria. It has been a depiction of royalty, power, freedom, strength, and divinity.

I developed this version of the image during the early days of the pandemic as an intentional symbol for protection. I was inspired by Egyptian sun iconography and an unforgettable memory of the wide, glorious vulture wings that adorn the ceilings of the temple at Kom Ombo, Aswan.

> 1.75 inch (45mm) nickel-played hard enamel pin, with makers stamp and year on reverse
> Limited run of 100 pins.
> $2 First Class Shipping in the US ($6 for international orders)
> Dual rubber clutches on the back for infinite positioning options